Saturday, August 16, 2014

Just a pretzel container

I can't help it.  Sometimes I just look at varied things and imagine them upcycled into something new . I had looked at this empty pretzel container at work for several weeks.  Why hadn't they thrown it away...I had enough projects already that I needed to complete.  Ultimately , I couldn't take it anymore and I brought the container home.  Here it is, painted with gesso:
Next, I painted it yellow and black:
Starting to look a little more like a bee already.  Now I needed a head for my bee.  I created the head fom a pink balloon and some plaster gauze.
That's her nose; yikes!
What's next?  Legs of course.  I used wire and attached them to the container, then wound black pipe cleaners around the wires to create the legs.
Gotta go for now...need to let the plaster dry and work on the wings....oh yes, I decided she needed a crown too.  Might as well be the queen if you're a bee, right?
I'll post the rest one I get it all completed!!!

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