Saturday, January 4, 2014

Burlap tote

It's been so long since I posted...but you know, holidays are for families...not for blogging.  Well, I've been doing a little sewing lately, some good projects, some not so great.  I thought I would make a cute, easy little skirt for my 7 year old, and well, let's just say it was a good learning experience.  Then, I decided to try again with a different kind if fabric and another learning experience was born....hee, hee!  I will go back to the skirts and recreate them at some point into "wearable" items, but for now they have been set aside...

But right now, I am working on a burlap tote that will have an artsy side pocket.  I purchased this really cool new Stencil that I just had to try out right away.  This new stencil has 2 face images and both are so cool.  Here's a shot of what will be the pocket:

Isn't this so cool???  I Gesso'd the burlap a bit and then stenciled, sprayed, inked and painted over the gesso.  I really love how this project is coming together!  Hope that you find some inspiration in this project.  I will post a photo of the tote when it is complete.

Oh, and Happy New Year!!!!

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