Sunday, October 20, 2013

Book of Spells

I've been working on this book for such a long time.  For some reason, I really need time to think about the contents and how to decorate the pages.  Then, wham!  It all comes together.  I hope you like this!  
The cover was decorated with a glow-in-the-dark bat, some embossing and Splash of Color metallic rub in gold and copper.
Some of the paper used is from Somerset studios magazines, I just painted, etc. and added poems and text.  
Most of the photos in this book were taken in Apple's photo booth.  We always have a good laugh when taking these.  This photo is of my two little ones and my niece Christine.
This photo was actually taken under water at one of my teenager's swim practices.  Gold embossing was added as an accent.
This is a photo of "Mother", yes, me, without my makeup on....I really think this is a nice picture of me on one of my "witchiest"
You can probably tell that the shelves are made from the inside of a canvas.  This was actually the easiest part to make.  I had a blast finding/creating things to decorate the shelves.  Check out the little cat on the bottom shelf, reading a spell book....I also colored a crystal (from Marfi) and added it to the middle shelf.  Can you see the tiny tarot cards used!  I have a whole deck of those too!  Here's a close up of the shelves:
Hope you're having a creative weekend!!

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